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We no longer have horses for sale and Tesoro is no longer standing
But  I have some good information on Paso Finos, Genetics of color and conformation. 
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Tesoro de la Danza  Herd sire and his son,

Tesoro's Flash Dancer

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About us

Hi Folks!

All my life I wanted a horse. But there was never time and money while I was raising my children and establishing my career as an engineer. When I was 48 years old, the children were grown, and there was enough money for a horse, but I had about decided that I was "too old" to try something new.

Then one of my closest friends died. She owned a horse that was her dream come true. After she died, I discovered that her horse was being abused - so I rescued him!

 Then I needed to learn about horses, so I got all the books, videos, and magazines that I could find - and learned that a lot of the "experts" do not agree. So I kept up the research and started sorting out ideas that made sense to me. I highly recommend Sally Swift's two videos on Centered Riding. I discovered John Lyons and Dennis Reis. I attended two separate month long clinics put on by Dennis. There I discovered that there were other horse folks that have great ways with horses. I attended clinics put on by Dr. Bob Miller, Linda Tellington-Jones, Deb Bennett, Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, and Harry Whitney.

 I learned to comprehend "Horse Language" and became proficient in the round pen and on the ground. It is exciting to really understand how LITTLE pressure is enough! Because I had to learn everything when I was "older", I can relate to adult beginners and found that I had a knack for communicating this information.  I still have much to learn both on the ground and in the saddle. "If you think you know it all, you have stopped learning."

I started teaching folks to communicate with their horses, and use as little pressure as possible. The rider actually becomes the leader of the dance, and it is a true partnership. That is how my stable name, "Dancing Horses" was chosen.

 Paso Finos came into my life when I started researching gaited horse breeds. They appeared to be the smoothest and most naturally gaited of the gaited breeds.  I love the Spanish "look" of these descendents of Andalusians, Jennets, and the Barbs.  Once I had decided on Paso Finos, I begin researching the lines within the breed.  My goal is to produce an incomparable pleasure riding horse for folks like me who want a smooth riding horse that they can trust and train themselves.   My stallion, Tesoro de la Danza, epitomizes the qualities that we breed for - see below.  His pedigree reads like the "Who's Who" of the Paso Fino World - he is an Hilachas great grandson and Majestuoso Grandson.  A wonderful blending of these two great sires!  My mares are of the Coral LaCE,  Hilachas, & Bandolaro lines.  This cross is producing marvelous babies who should be able to largo smoothly at 15 to 20 MPH!  We ARE having fun!  And AWAY we go!!!


We breed for the following characteristics: 

 Intelligence  Temperament    Endurance  Size    Conformation  Smooth Fast gait    Versatility and Athletic Ability  Beauty  Genetic Characteristics


Intelligence  An intelligent horse can learn more rapidly and is a joy to be around. So Dancing Horses breeds intelligent horses!
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Temperament  A horse needs to be as much fun to be around as it is to ride.  Dancing Horses breeds for "user friendly" partners.  Our horses are people oriented and loving.  Imprinting at the time of birth helps to ensure each individual will be comfortable around people. Horses of poor temperament are excluded from the breeding program.  We want to give folks that "once in a lifetime" companion!  Folks are really amazed when I call our horses and they all come running over whinnying hello.  When I walk out with a halter they all argue over who gets to go with mom, and try to put their noses in the halter!
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Endurance  Our horses are like the old time "using horses".  Bred with the ability to function in a variety of ways, and keep going all day.  The fast largo or speed gaited Paso Finos are being used in Endurance, Western riding, Team penning, Rounding up cattle, etc. more every year.  It just takes one time of gliding on by someone trotting all day long for folks to want to "test ride" a fast Paso Fino.
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 Size It has become a trend for the Fino type show horses to be smaller and smaller – down to 13 Hands so that they have faster footfall to go forward slower on the Fino board.  Here out West folks like bigger horses that can move out and carry a heavy load of rider and saddlebags up into the mountains.  So our horses are all over 14  H.
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Conformation  Some conformation faults will prevent soundness or function in a horse.  I have studied conformation extensively.  As an engineer I have always believed that form should follow function.  We do not breed any horses that have genetic defects that would effect their beautiful fluid movement, fast spins, and smooth gaits.  Our horses also jump smoothly and well.  Most are related to Zsa Zsa Imperial.
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Smooth Fast Gait All our horses are from top lines.  Mares are granddaughters of Hilachas or Coral LaCE, with lots of other wonderful horses in their pedigrees.  All our horses are bred for a specific type of Paso gait.  We want good hock action, very quick footfall and good length of stride.  This makes for a fast smooth ride.  All our horses can gait a minimum of 13 MPH and up to 17 MPH.  I LOVE moving out!!!  We are breeding faster horses without giving up any of the other qualities listed here.
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Versatility and Athletic Ability  Our Pasos are "can do" athletic horses.  They can be used for Team Penning, Endurance, Driving, Trails, Show, Family riding, etc., and they look as beautiful running in the pasture as they are under saddle!
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Beauty  It costs just as much to keep a beautiful athletic gaited horse as it does to keep any other horse.  Our herd sire, Tesoro is like a work of art.  I never tire of watching him move.  His name means Dancing Treasure, and he is a treasure both in spirit and body.  I have picked mares to complement his beauty as well as all the other qualities that are so important.  He is gentle and sweet, but can really perform like a Spanish Dancer with great style!  Our mares enhance these qualities in their foals.
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Genetic Characteristics  We have chosen all our horses with great attention to their ancestry.  We want individuals who exhibit all the above qualities and who will produce foals with these qualities.  There is a much greater probability that these qualities will breed true if all their ancestors have shown similar qualities.  Tesoro’s sire is Royal Oak Prime Time; chosen for solid bone, smooth fast gait, quick footfall, great rear execution, size and elegance.  His sire,  Majestuoso; noted for conformation, rear execution, size, elegance and heavy bone structure.  Grand dam on sire’s side is Flint Oak Autumn Breezes chosen for quick footfall.  Tesoro's dam, Bonita Estrella, is a granddaughter of Hilachas with Tesoro Salago on her dam’s side.  She has been clocked at 17 MPH in her smooth fast largo.


If you'd like more information on any of our horses, or breeding to
Tesoro de la Danza

Grullo Paso Fino Stallion
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