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We no longer have horses for sale and Tesoro is no longer standing
But  I have some good information on Paso Finos, Genetics of color and conformation. 
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Tesoro de la Danza  Herd sire and his son,

Tesoro's Flash Dancer

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Presents the

Mothers of our foals!

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Our mares have been selected with the same criteria and thoroughness as our selection of Tesoro.  We believe that we must have excellent mares to breed excellent foals. 

We  believe that the baby's personalities are influenced by the dam's care and temperament as well as their genetics.  So with this in mind we would like to show you the mares that we have chosen to breed to Tesoro.

Galleta, Melicia and Magica

Monarca's Galleta Pisadas (Cookie)


Galleta in trees.tif (244044 bytes)    Gallea.jpg (19463 bytes)    Rainbow and Galleta.jpg (65998 bytes)   Galleta2.jpg (34333 bytes)  GalletaHead.jpg (8397 bytes)

Born June 29, 1992

Galleta is an Isabella Palomino. She has a wonderful disposition and a smooth FAST Largo. She has given us beautiful babies. With only two weeks of training - and that 2 years previous to when I purchased her, we went on Ride '97. She was the only Paso among Quarter Horses, Arabs, and Thoroughbreds. She was also the only horse "barefoot" on the 3-hour trail ride. She is about 14-2 H and was 7 months pregnant. She not only kept up with the group of about 17 other horses, she was not out of breath when we stopped for a breather!

At the end of the trail ride, she was still fresh. We were allowed to use the edge of a grass airstrip, and I put her into her Largo, just to show off! She arched her neck and raised her tail in pride. Her silver-white mane and tail flying, we went down the airstrip! At the end of the ride, one of the men - who looked like he had been riding all his life, said, 'That little girl was the best behaved horse of the group! She did not put a foot wrong, and I was watching because I could not believe that anyone would bring a horse that green on a trail ride!" Since everyone was commenting about me letting her go barefoot, I had a farrier who was there check out her feet. There were a couple of tiny chips at the very edge of the hoof wall, but she pronounced Galleta's feet in excellent condition. (If I were going to ride her on rocky trails every day, I would put her in shoes, but otherwise, she does not need shoes - a big expense over the life of any horse!)

Galleta will go as slow and carefully, or as elegant as you wish - and she is ridden in a side pull, like all my other Pasos. My Dad is 77, and we just went on about a 2-hour trail ride - Dad on Galleta - me on Rosa. Galleta had her baby at her side, but she took good care of my Dad! And her filly, Magica learned to go over 3' wide wooden bridges, through water and over rough trails following her mom as a natural part of life. With her wonderful breeding her superb ability and temperament are not surprising!  Not for Sale at this time.  Information given so that you may understand the temperament of her wonderful foals.

Galleta's Pedigree: Galleta is sired by Coral's Monarca de Vez, a National Champion Buckskin Stallion and out of  Gitano Salago, a beautiful, fast, well gaited buckskin mare.  Monarca is by Coral LaCE -bay-, a grand National Champion and top 10 sire for many years, and his dam is Nevada Princessa Mako, a cremello mare by  El Dulce FN, a Palomino by Soriel, a buckskin.  Coral LaCE is by Canario II out of Dama.

Gitano Salago is by Tesoro Salago -buckskin- out of Violeta de Salago -brown.  Tesoro Salago is by Sizcocho LaCE - Bay - out of Lunina LaCE - Buckskin.  Violeta is by Tesoro Salago - out of Miel de Lita Salago - Bay.



Melicia del Rosa

Side rear.tif (271788 bytes)    Milly rounded up.tif (143052 bytes)    Milly wSaddle.tif (108774 bytes)   TesoroMelicia.jpg (32659 bytes)  Melicia.jpg (123144 bytes)

Born February 22, 1982

Melica is by Ejemplo que tal, a beautiful black top 10 sire who won in Bella Forma and Pleasure or Performance.  Her dam is Medallita #404, out of Almirante by Medalla. If anyone knows anything about the dam’s line, I would be very interested -  Medallita was imported.

Ejemplo is an Hilachas son out of Mora, #151. Mora was by Totogol out of Penicilina. 
I would like more information on Mora's line.

Melicia has wonderful conformation and tight quick gait. She is a very people oriented horse, and Star’s cousin via Hilachas. She has a star that does not show on these photos, and LONG full mane and tail.   She is being sold as a brood mare only at this time.   Her 1999 baby, Cometo, by Tesoro is a beautiful grullo colt with a nice star and 4 white stockings.  And dun factor markings! Her May, 2000 filly, Tesoro's Mystic Jewel, by Tesoro de la Danza is grulla with dun factor markings.  Jewel has all the dun factor markings and great conformation.  Milly is no longer with us, sadly, she died from Cushing's Disease.


 Magica de la Danza  Magica de la Danza

    MagicaTesoro.jpg (18936 bytes)   Magica.jpg (54606 bytes)  Magica2.jpg (242487 bytes)

Born August 23, 1997
Sold!  She is now cutting cattle on a Black Angus ranch.

Magica is out of Galleta our wonderful Isabella Palomino. She has dun factor markings and is a buckskin and white tobiano pinto, with 4 white stockings, star, snip, black and white mane, and black tail. She was born here at Dancing Horses, Inc., and I thought she was so beautiful that I called her Magic Dancer!

Her sire, Andejar de Estaban, "Andy", is an awesome son of Pegasus Estaban out of La Caprichosa de Garbo. Andy’s line goes back to Bandolero Royal, Marichal, Bolero LaCE, Volare, and Borica. La Caprichosa goes back to Garbo que tal, Hilachas, Sombra and El Capricho.

Magica has wonderful conformation, is extremely well gaited, smooth and fast!  We also put her in with the foals after weaning because she is so calm and friendly.  She crosses  beautifully with Tesoro. 



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