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We no longer have horses for sale and Tesoro is no longer standing
But  I have some good information on Paso Finos, Genetics of color and conformation. 
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Tesoro de la Danza  Herd sire and his son,

Tesoro's Flash Dancer

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Dancing Horses, Inc.

Presents the Parents of our Horses


T_Good_Conformation_Shot.jpg (109011 bytes)

Tesoro de la Danza
as a 3 year old


We spent many hours looking at horses on video tape to find those with the most accurate and smoothest gaits.   We also researched the bloodlines to find horses who consistently produced:

 Intelligence    ~  Good Temperament      Stamina
Size - at least 14 H
 Excellent Conformation    
Smooth FAST accurate gait  
Versatility and Athletic Ability   ~  Beauty
and the Genetic ability to pass on these Characteristics

Here are some of the parents and grandparents of our horses.


Coral LaCE

Coral_LaCE.jpg (27451 bytes)   coralrun.jpg (95196 bytes)
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Our thanks to Barbara Preiss for sending us this wonderful photo of Coral LaCE.  Coral was a Grand National Performance Champion and multi TOP 10 sire.  He was imported from Columbia - chosen for his correct conformation, outstanding beauty, size, gentle nature and elegance.  He has passed these characteristics to many of his offspring. 

Of our horses, Rosa, Galleta, Magica, Angel, Sunny, and Iris all go back to Coral.  Barbara has some other Coral offspring for sale and can be reached in Florida at 352-821-1300.  Barbara can tell you a lot about the Paso Fino bloodlines.


Coral's Monarca de Vez

  monarca water.tif (203658 bytes)


Monarca is a Coral son out of Nevada Princesa Mako.  This line goes back to the old Puerto Rican Monarca as well as Boricua.  Monarca has elegance, style, beauty, and a fast smooth Largo.  He was two times Grand National Driving Champion, and has won many first place ribbons.  He is always a crowd favorite.  He won the all breed gaited horse race in Montana and thrilled folks who had not seen a Paso really move in accurate gait - 20 MPH! Check out the Pisadas de Oro web site to see a list of shows he has won!   Galleta, Magica, Angel, Sunny and Iris  all go back to Monarca.  This is an old photo of Monarca, and he is now the color of a new copper penny!

Isaac Wyler, his owner, specializes in working type speed gaited Paso Finos and has researched the Paso Fino bloodlines extensively.    Isaac has many fine Paso Finos for sale and can be reached in Arizona at:  520-875-8117.



Tesoro's Great Grandsire

Hilachas.jpg (15787 bytes)
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Hilachas is one of the Foundation Sires of the Paso Fino breed.  He was also a TOP 10 sire for many years.  He passes on elegance, beautiful heads, and smooth gait.  Bonita and Melicia del Rosa are both granddaughters of Hilachas.  


Tesoro's Grandsire

Duque x Verbena

Majestuoso.tif (907368 bytes)        Majestuoso head.tif (139119 bytes)
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Tesoro's Grandsire!

Our thanks to Rick Meyer of Royal Oak Ranch for sending us the above photos. 

Majestuoso was a full Colombian stallion who was on the TOP Ten Sire List since 1985.  He produced National Champions in Bella Forma, Classic Fino, Performance & Pleasure.  Tremendous elegance, four beat gait, brios & rear drive are evident in all his offspring!  Majestuoso was owned by Royal Oak Ranch.  They have other horses available.  Rick & Janice Meyer can be reached at 314-532-9939


Monarca.jpg (76026 bytes)

Monarca was born in Puerto Rico May16th, 1959.  For more information on this famous horse, check out the article by Barbara Preiss  Monarca

Foundation Sires

The picture of Hilachas, as well as those of the other foundation sires shown below are from portraits by Marilyn Todd/Daniels, and are available from the Paso Fino Horse Association.

Bolero.jpg (18860 bytes)

Bolero LaCE

Faeton.jpg (19180 bytes)

Faeton LaCE

MardePlata.jpg (17125 bytes)

Mar de Plata LaCE



El_Pastor.jpg (85267 bytes)

El Pastor



Lucerito.jpg (86214 bytes)



If you'd like more information on any of our horses, or breeding to
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